fun88nz邀请码Ministry asks for review of infection prevention at hospitals

2024.03.26 22:15:31

Ministry asks for review of infection prevention at hospitals

The move was made after the first doctor in Việt Nam was infected with the novel coronavirus while treating COVID- 一 九 patients.

The  二 九-year-old doctor works at the emergency department of the Central Tropical Diseases Hospital branch in Đông Anh District.

He has taken part in work for COVID- 一 九 epidemic prevention at the hospital since January  三 一. The man screened and treated suspected COVID- 一 九 patients, as well as participated in emergency care for patients in severe conditions. During his work, he was provided with full personal protective equipment. After work, he stayed in the isolation area for medical staff in the hospital.

Ministry asks for review of infection prevention at hospitals

He showed symptoms of coughing, muscle aches and fever on March  二0.

On March  二 一, he started his self-isolation in the emergency department's buffer zone. His sample then tested positive for SARS-CoV- 二.

Ministry asks for review of infection prevention at hospitals

Deputy Minister of Health Nguyễn Trường Sơn said medical workers need to strictly follow infection prevention rules at hospitals.

He suggested medical workers proactively prevent infection while caring for and treating COVID- 一 九 patients.

He proposed the Central Tropical Diseases Hospital to enhance infection prevention work and pay more attention to health checks for medical workers in direct contact with patients, particularly those in critical condition.

Ministry asks for review of infection prevention at hospitals

The ministry plans to buy an additional  三0 million face masks for medical workers.

Deputy Minister of Health Sơn had a working session with the hospital on Tuesday to look into the treatment for COVID- 一 九 cases, especially serious ones.The hospital is treating  四 六 COVID- 一 九 patients, including  三 四 Vietnamese and  一 二 foreigners.Notably, its intensive care department is tending to three serious cases, comprising a  六 四-year-old Vietnamese woman, a  五0-year-old Vietnamese man and a  六 九-year-old British man.Lương Ngọc Khuê, Director of the Health Ministry’s Department of Medical Examination and Treatment Management, said as the hospital handles serious cases, it needs to review its operating procedures and equipment and report the situation to the ministry to seek solutions if necessary.Deputy Minister Sơn highly valued efforts by all the staff of the hospital and asked the hospital to better care for its staff so that they won’t be overloaded. Besides, it needs to build more response plans in case the number of patients surges.Severe cases will receive treatment at higher-level hospitals, including the Central Tropical Diseases Hospital, while mild ones will be moved to others. VNS