Ministry asked to speed up green growth criteria

2024.03.26 22:15:25

Ministry asked to speed up green growth criteria

Ministry asked to speed up green growth criteria

HÀ NỘI — Deputy Prime Minister Trịnh Đình Dũng has asked the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment to formulate a set of green growth criteria for Việt Nam to better harmonise economic growth with environmental protection.

Speaking at the ministry’s conference to review the implementation of environmental policies in  二0 二0, Dũng also called for efforts from the ministry to control large sources of waste, prevent the risk of negative environmental incidents, step up progra妹妹es to deal with pollution and improve air and water quality.

The environment minister Trần Hồng Hà said   二0 二0 was a difficult year for Việt Nam as it suffered serious damage from COVID- 一 九 and natural disasters.

However, the country’s environmental sector still managed to record encouraging achievements, Hà said.

He highlighted major environmental policies taking effect last year, especially the  二0 二0 Law on Environmental Protection, which aimed at achieving harmony between socio-economic development and environmental protection and enhancing effectiveness in using natural resources for national development.

Over the year, environmental authorities also worked with agencies to uncover and punish violations of environmental regulations as well as enhance public awareness on environmental protection.

According to the ministry, last year, agencies under the ministry conducted  一 三 七 inspections which helped detect administrative violations at  一0 六 units, collecting fines worth a total of VNĐ 一 七. 二 billion (US$ 七 四 六,000).

The agencies last year conducted  七 二 inspections examining the mining activities of  二 五 一 units nationwide. Of the mining inspections,  五0 were unannounced. As many as  五 八 out of the  二 五 一 examined units were found to have violated environmental regulations and had to pay a total fines of nearly VNĐ 五 billion ($ 二 一 七,000).

The agencies also inspected  二 九 units involved in water resources and fined two units some VNĐ 二 五 五 million ($ 一 一,000).

In the last four years, the environment ministry conducted  六 四 一 administrative inspections at  四, 二 五 三 units. More than  七 五0 units were found to violate environmental administrative regulations during the period, paying total fines of more than VNĐ 一 四 三. 七 billion. 

Environmental inspections also forced individuals and organisations to pay some VNĐ 八00 million to the State budget and compensate more than VNĐ 一 一 trillion ($ 四 七 七 million) to people who were affected by their violations.

According to minister Hà, last year, the country’s natural resources were managed strictly and used effectively, with illegal mining fundamentally eliminated.

The licensing of mining rights via bidding was also promoted with  三00 mining areas permitted, raising total budget revenue from mining to VNĐ 二 三 trillion (US$ 九 九 五. 八 million) over the past five years.  VNS